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Enchanted Castle on the River: Matt’s Journey


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Enchanted Castle on the River….Where your wishes and dreams come true – but be careful of what you wish for….Matthew is a young teenager about to go on a camping trip with his family to a wilderness camp. He is a very imaginative young man that gets himself into trouble after venturing out on his own through the woods where he is confronted by the Wizard Zerkin. This alone is an unnatural and freakish experience. Zerkin has a job to do and that is to lead Matthew to the castle where he is told to make a wish. Matthew does not know that his wish had been planned for him. He was the chosen one for this adventure and along the way his experience is anything but amusing for him. He finds himself transported into medieval times, his life takes on a new role as King Vincent’s son. Life as a prince turns out to be less of a fairytale and more of a nightmare. Matthew was brought to this old country to break a spell cast on to Zerkin by a witch (Zerkin’s mother, Bianca). The spell must be broken before King Vincent dies of polio or the villagers lives as they know it will end.


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