From A Father’s Perspective (On His Own)


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This book is about a young boy that left his home in Riviera Beach, Florida and went 1,500 miles away to a University in the Midwest to play football in the Big Ten Conference. He faced multiple bouts of adversity stemming from being told he couldn’t play the position that he was recruited to play, being fifth on the depth chart at the position they said he could play at one time, dealing with injuries, female drama, his grandfather’s passing, his home catching on fire and more. It talks about how coaches say one thing then do another. It deals with coaches suppressing the personalities of individuals, the language that they use, and how they selectively use the language to certain individuals. This book talks about when I first met the head coach and his defensive coordinator, how the Holy Spirit allowed me to discern their spirits and know that I couldn’t speak on my son’s whys and why not concerning his playing time and future with the team. Through all the aforementioned subject matters, God provided answers so that we could keep moving forward to reach our goals, which were to get a degree and to play college football. This book also describes how that boy grew into a man.



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