Letters of Love and War: I Love You True with all My Heart


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“Letters of Love and War” is an apt title, I believe, because it capsulizes the emotion that young people of the: Great Generation” must have experienced from being torn apart by the ravages of war. These letters present an honest and straightforward account of their struggle and how they remained resilient throughout, preserving their love for each other and for their country. The book has letters that range from the mundane to the sublime and yet maintain consistency throughout. One can experience a “one on one” immediacy from reading their letters and those of their loved ones. One is swept up and brought back in time to 1944 and 1945 when the world was at war, and all of America was united with the effort to win and defeat the evil forces that were attempting to destroy their country and the freedoms that they all enjoyed. The letters bring the urgency of this effort home to us, the reader. We are one amongst them as we read letter after letter and empathize with the perils they had to endure. Read the letters, and you too will understand how lucky we were to have their great generation precede us.



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