No School?? Enjoy a fun ‘Theme’ Day: More than Two Dozen Ideas for Possible Themes


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It’s amazing the fun you can have with children with a little planning, some materials from the dollar store, and a healthy dose of imagination.

No School?? Enjoy a Fun “Theme” Day gives you help with all three. You’ll find more than two dozen themes that elementary-aged children would enjoy.

The best part is that they (and you) will also have fun enjoying the themes, which include lunch ideas, physical activity, snacks, games, and more.

For instance, a theme of “round” can include a day filled with activities – from guessing how many coins are in a jar and drawing faces on balloons to eating a round pizza for lunch and then working off the calories playing with a round ball.

A day about penguins can include showing children a map of the world and identifying where penguins live and mixing up letters to words that involve penguins (such as cold, snow, fish, water, swim, fins, etc.) to swimming and having a snack of Oreo cookies, which are also black and white.

Prepare yourself for fun, laughter, and lots of smiles from children with this workbook’s creative ideas.



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