Eternities Truth’s


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The book is a collection of powerful spiritual articles. The articles within dispense advice and guidance. Generation after generation encounters similar problems over and over again. The articles serve a valuable purpose and will empower all future generations. They will avoid falling prey to the same mistakes. The articles provide a valuable solution to everyday problems that life throws at us naturally or spiritually.

Anthony Villett started writing at the tender age of 22. Listening attentively to the word of God and reading the scriptures formed an invaluable base for all my spiritual articles.

I have wrestled with our creator to show me what my gift was. An instinct drove me, for I had to find my place in this world. When I started off writing spiritual articles, I got hooked. I knew that I would be dependent on my past experiences, which weren’t mostly pleasant, to bring out the best in all my writings. I would turn to the main spring, the Holy Spirit, for fine-tuning all my works, which in turn catered for Godly wisdom and spiritual foresight. I do this so that when my articles are read, they may spiritually ‘light up’ and burn the hearts of those that read them. Writing is my route out of poverty. If I had enriched one soul spiritually, my life would never have been in vain. I endeavor to live with the Bible next to my bed. Through each of my writings, God only compliments Himself. Salomon asked for wisdom. I asked for foresight so that wisdom would never elude me. My grave will one day be empty and only hold my bones, but you, my dear reader, will be the custodians of the precious gift God has bestowed on me, coupled with an invaluable portion of the unextinguished light, which will always live within me.

The Author cannot say good things about himself, good things must come from others, and the blessing must come from God. May my mother’s philosophy, “The love you have for your own is natural, but the love you have for others comes from God,” forever be cherished by the reader.


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