The Moments That Define One’s Life


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Each moment in your life comes with a purpose. Although the purpose at times is taken for granted, these moments, when they arise, bring forth a significant meaning for one’s destiny and destination in life. For example, imagine how every person in this world has passed through a moment full of promises and opportunities, but when that moment passes, he or she has no way of knowing if it will ever rise again.

Apparently, whatever the moment may be, our lives are defined by the energy, faith, belief, and action into bringing each moment to life so that it can transcend toward greater moments, dreams, and endeavors. Each moment, by all means, is vital, and the mark that one has left in this world will be measured by what he or she has achieved in the time allowed. Thus, what you do with your life today will define your dreams and destiny as each significant moment rises and the time that is given to it is taken away.

This book will help you

  • Develop a greater sense of why each moment in life matters;
  • Believe in yourself to accomplish an impossible dream or goal;
  • Generate positive attitudes, faith, and unstoppable principles of action.

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