The Seven Tools of Healing: Unlock Your Inner Wisdom And Live the Life Your Soul Desires


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Take your healing to a higher level. You are looking for answers. You’ve got challenges in your life that you would like to solve. You’ve probably tried many possible solutions already so I’m going to be frank: most of the advice in the Self-help Industry doesn’t work very well. And there are three good reasons for this.

  • Most self-help advice is trying to get you to change your behaviors, such as how you eat or exercise, or to change what you think or feel. This advice is way too superficial to treat the real roots of your problems. Your lifestyle behaviors are symptoms of deeper issues that need to change.
  • Most advice doesn’t work well with how your unconscious mind works. Your unconscious mind runs your body and holds most of the beliefs that make up your world view. If you don’t make changes in there, whatever behavioral changes you make just won’t hold.
  • Most violate one or more laws of Consciousness. And our society rarely even talks about these. Yet Consciousness is the root of everything, including your problems. Unless you are working to change those factors that determine how you manifest Consciousness, you are treating symptoms-what has already been created-not roots.
  • The Seven Tools of Healing approach solves these problems and teaches you the skills you need to just naturally advance your healing.



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