The Starfish Island Gang: Secrets of Shell Cove


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Nothing is as it seems in the tranquil town of Shell Cove on beautiful Starfish Island. Guarded by powerful angelic forces, the island and its residents are the focus of demonic attacks. However, The Starfish Island Gang is fighting back. Each kid is armed with a special gift, and all are armed with faith in The God Who created everything and His Word. Andrew is the gang’s leader and is caught in a spiritual dilemma. Lee, his younger brother, hasn’t found exactly how he fits in the gang but is on the brink of discovering his unique gift. Michael wants to explore the island, while his little brother, Allen, has been entrusted with protecting the important treasures the gang will need in their quest.

Meanwhile, Paige and Sally are hot on the trail of clues that will help the gang solve the deeper mysteries of the island. Follow the Starfish Island Gang on their inspiring adventures. These adventures will take them to the amazing hidden basement under the library, to the depths of the island’s many caves, from spiritual strength to tests of faith. How will they react to the new kids who want to join the gang? Will the angels help them to discern the truth in the newcomers’ hearts … or will the forces of evil overtake them.

Brenda Mize Garza is inspired to portray The Word of God through storytelling that readers of all ages can relate to. Her love for Jesus spills over into each book she writes. Her characters and their adventures draw the reader into an unseen world. She seeks ways to offer others a tiny glimpse of the truths that typically remain unseen because most people choose to believe only in what they can perceive with their senses. She feels everyone must know The God Who created everything and His amazing and unconditional love for each of us. Brenda and her husband Jesse live in McRae, Arkansas, with Sugar Baby, their Pomeranian, and two new kittens, Tiger and Peanut.


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