The System of Nature in the 21st Century: A Book About Truth & Knowledge


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Looking for answers to the slew of problems that we are being bombarded with on a daily basis? So many individuals across the globe struggle to attain basic human rights. Issues like food insecurity, education, housing, debt, income inequality, policing, and health care, to mention a few, have gotten exponentially worse as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Cities, states and countries have responded differently to the Pandemic with a wide range of results. Are our leaders doing their jobs, which is to represent the people who elect them? Unfortunately, we’ve gotten to a point where our leaders represent the very wealthy. And as an individual are you happy and able to survive? Do you get along with members of your family and society? With so many problems it may seem like the solutions on individual, societal, and global levels are not within our grasps. This book is about the history of beliefs that evolved within the human species as a result of not understanding The System of Nature and her immutable laws. This lack of understanding has resulted in ERRORS that shaped individual and societal beliefs about happiness and morals as long as humans have been on the planet. To understand the problems and begin to make positive changes we must first understand HOW erroneous beliefs formed, evolved and were, and still are, passed on from generation to generation and society to society. The next question is WHY, as a species, have we not been able to move beyond the errors that haunt us. Throughout this book you will be exposed to answers to all of the above questions. In essence, WHAT can we do to understand the problems, identify drawbacks, and implement solutions on personal and societal levels? If you are searching for answers related to the roles that politics, religions, and education play in a well formed society, and all over the world, this book is a must read.



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