The Whispering Willow


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Trees don’t talk, or do they? THE WHISPERING WILLOWS does. People are afraid when they hear him speak for the first time. They think they are hearing things, turning in all directions to see who is invading their privacy, and listening to their conversations. When they discover the tree is talking, they learn that he has good advice to hand out and find out they have found a new friend. This book tells of some of his adventures and friends. This is a good book for the whole family.

Judy Barnes raised a large family with her husband, Paul, in Michigan. When most of the children were on their own, Judy, Paul, and their youngest child moved to Arizona to enjoy the warmer climate. And Judy loved the mountains. However, she didn’t have enough to keep her busy. She went to Business College to become a Legal Secretary. Then she took up painting pictures. She started writing books. She let one of her good friends read the manuscript. Her friend loved it and suggested that Judy have it published. That was the beginning of a new career. That book was TWO GIRLS FROM NAZARETH. Next came BORN TO BE KING. Judy discovered she had a great imagination, so she continued her quest to write books. The next book was HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. That was the trilogy’s end, but not the end of her writing. Someone suggested she write a book about Mary Magdalen. She did that after much research. Then she changed from religious books to something different. LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM. Then continuing along with family entertainment, she wrote THE WHISPERING WILLOW. Is that the end? Not hardly. She has already started another. As long as her imagination lasts, there will be more books.


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