21st Century Proverbs of William Craig: Second Edition

21st Century Proverbs of William Craig: Second Edition — A Valuable Asset for Finding Joy and Inspiration in Life

Recognizing the crucial connection between joy and resilience


William Craig, a gifted creative writer and inspirational speaker, announces the release of the highly anticipated second edition of his book, “21st Century Proverbs of William Craig.” With a compelling personal story of overcoming adversity and a deep desire to inspire others, William aims to empower readers to become champions in the Human Race, utilizing the same strategies he used to triumph over life-altering trauma.

In “21st Century Proverbs of William Craig,” readers will embark on a transformative journey driven by the author’s firsthand experience of surviving a life-threatening incident—a drive-by shooting that left him with a bullet wound to the head. Despite the unimaginable challenges he faced, including the loss of his ability to walk, the demise of his 15-year marriage, and the loss of his home and business, William found that addressing his “joy deficit” was essential for regaining strength and motivation.

William Craig invites readers to fill the void within their hearts and minds by embracing the powerful wisdom contained within his book. With poignant insights and relatable anecdotes, William imparts the invaluable lessons he learned on his journey to inspire and uplift others.

Whether seeking personal growth, professional development, or a renewed sense of purpose, “21st Century Proverbs of William Craig” is a valuable asset that offers a blueprint for navigating life’s challenges with strength, joy, and wisdom. William provides a unique and impactful perspective on overcoming obstacles by sharing his own story of triumph and incorporating poetic techniques to enhance memory and learning.


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About the Author

William Craig is a gifted creative writer, inspirational speaker, and community activist. Despite surviving a traumatic head injury from a drive-by shooting, he has defied expectations and embraced a purposeful life. Drawing on his unique strategy of using poetry and lyric to enhance memory and learning, William encourages individuals with disabilities to remove the “t” from “can’t” and live rewarding lives. As a board member of “The Lighthouse, a Place of Refuge,” a charitable organization serving Foster Children and the Homeless in Los Angeles County, he actively addresses the challenges of our troubled economy and seeks solutions for the less fortunate.


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