21st Century Proverbs of William Craig: Second Edition


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William’s objective with this book is to encourage and inspire the reader to be a champion in the Human Race, using the strategy he used to overcome the trauma of being shot in the head and losing his ability to walk, as well as his wife of 15 years, his home, and his business. He found that his “joy deficit” had to be addressed because no joy meant no strength or motivation. So, if you’re ready to elevate in life and fill the joy-void of your heart and mind, this book is valuable asset for you to find. If this book has for you what William hopes is its desired effect, please share this with others so they can find relief also. Thank you for your support.
“Committed to Fueling Hearts with the Strength of Joy, and Charging Minds with the Power of Wisdom”

William Craig is a gifted creative writer and inspirational speaker. He was shot in the head, the victim of a drive-by shooting; he has not allowed the traumatic injury to stop him from reaching his purposeful destination. Overcoming the challenges of being limited, he has defied the doctors and his critics by learning other languages, having a beautiful daughter, movement was restored to his right leg, and vision to his left eye. His memory was severely impacted. However, a strategy he developed using poetry and lyric enabled him to take advantage of the four memory vehicles seeing, saying/singing, hearing, and writing; He used this unique technique to learn Spanish by translating his poetry/songs and singing to himself and others. He gives all credit for his miraculous recovery to his Lord and Savior, who thought 11 minutes of death was sufficient before returning William to his Earth Suit to complete his assignment on Earth. William Craig is now a community activist, who inspires those challenged with a disability to remove the “t” from can’t so they can live a rewarding life. Adamantly opposing the effects of our troubled economy and offering a remedy to the plague of homelessness and hunger impacting the lives of the less fortunate; as a board member of “The Lighthouse, a Place of Refuge,” a charitable organization, operating out of Sherman Oaks, Ca., meeting the needs of Foster Children and the Homeless throughout Los Angeles County.


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