7 Benefits of Reading Books

A happy existence requires good mental health. Through taking into account our emotional, psychological, and sociological well-being, it influences how we think, feel, and live. Putting mental health first is obviously essential. Among those ages 10-34, suicide ranks as the second most common cause of death. Few people are aware of how reading greatly affects one’s mental health.

  1. Reading can alleviate stress.

It has been demonstrated that immersing yourself in a good book will lower your stress levels. According to Dr. David Lewis’ research, reading just six minutes per day can lower stress levels by 60% by lowering heart rate, reducing muscle tension, and altering mood. In the same research, reading was shown to be more effective in reducing stress than music, drinking tea, taking a walk, and playing video games.

  1. Reading circles help in the treatment of mental illness.

 Scientific evidence suggests reading and discussing what you have read may be suitable for your mental health and general well-being. There is a practice known as bibliotherapy, and it has a significant impact on depressed individuals. Throughout 12 months, the Liverpool Health Inequalities Research Institute studied a two-weekly reading group program for those diagnosed with depression and found that mental health had significantly improved. The participants noted the capacity to engage in meaningful conversation about one’s self and being, as well as enhanced focus, emotional understanding, and self-awareness.

  1. A way to escape the “real world.”

The ability to escape from reality when reading is closely related to lowering stress levels. People use this as a coping strategy to deal with the emotional trauma they receive. Frequently lose themselves in that universe, which makes it easier for them to relax. Fantasy is more complicated than simply reading for fun, according to research. Still, it has also been demonstrated to change how people interact with the outside world and other people.

  1. Having fun while reading.

When you get into a truly excellent book, it cannot be easy to put it down since the story engrosses you and the passage of time seems to fly by as you read. When you come to the finish, you either feel depressed that it’s over, or you’re so excited for the next book in the series that you write the author every day. It is a fantastic experience, and picking up a book also has a lot of other advantages.

  1. Reading promotes the growth of empathy for others.

Reading fiction has been found to increase empathy, or the capacity to comprehend the ideas, feelings, and beliefs of another. The theory of mind is well-known. According to studies, persons exposed to fiction could predict the outcomes of an empathy test and even showed a positive link with social support. Further investigation into how reading fiction affects empathy revealed that it was momentarily boosted.

  1. Reading exercises the brain and guards against memory loss.

Compared to people who didn’t engage in mentally stimulating activities, memory loss was slowed down by engaging in cognitive activities like reading throughout your life (both early and later in life). The same study also discovered that reading, writing, and other activities were done later in age, decreasing mental deterioration risk by 32%. At the same time, those who engaged in little stimulating activities discovered that their decline occurred 48% faster than those who engaged in typical amounts of exercise.

  1. Teenagers who read get perspective on adult life.

The transition to adulthood can be challenging because so many things change at this time, making it crucial to explore one’s self-identity. Teenagers who read for enjoyment have been proven to gain in three main ways: reading has been demonstrated to improve social involvement, academic achievement, and personal development. The substantial insights into mature relationships, personal values, and cultural identity that fiction offered helped youth shift from being children to adults.

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  1. I find it so interesting that reading can help to lower stress levels by reducing muscle tension and heart rate. Lately, my teenage daughter has been stressed over things like school and work. I’ll have to find an interesting book that I can buy her to help relieve her stress as much as possible.

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