Gabriella Eva Nagy's Experience with Blueprint Press Internationale

Gabriella Eva Nagy’s Experience with Blueprint Press Internationale

The Blueprint Press Internationale team always tries to ensure that our clients enjoy working with us and receive high-quality services.

Writing stories is never easy, but it is fun, and authors love it. Creating stories for almost everything and everyone, they will make those masterpieces with their imagination and creativity. Different authors aim for different readers, depending on whom they want to convey the message of their stories. 

Gabriella Eva Nagy

Gabriella Eva Nagy is a children’s book author who writes and illustrates books for children. She did many projects with Blueprint Press Internationale, including republication, developing an e-commerce website, a television/film treatment, and creating a cinematic book trailer. We are currently developing a screenplay based on her children’s book “Sweet Dreams, Ladybug!”.

Blueprint Press International settles for nothing less, so we ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services. As a literary agency representing our clients to publishers, our mission is to reduce their workload so they may focus more of their energy on creating a masterpiece they can be proud of.

“During the production, I encountered a kind, positive, professional attitude and was welcomed and encouraged by my project managers. I could reach them out with questions and always received a timely and professional response. The completed projects had professional quality and special touch and enhancement. It has been a delight working together and creating projects with high values and entertainment…..”

That is what Gabriella said in her testimony about her experience working with Blueprint Press Internationale. It is indeed a delight to work with her, and we are happy that we can meet all her expectations and provide her with the services she needs for her book. 

We are also thankful for the feedback we receive from our clients because that feedback helps us know where we need to improve our services. Feedback also conveys a great message about how we are able to help them and gave them more opportunities in this industry. 

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