Amanda Holiday’s Journey with Blueprint Press International

Amanda Holiday’s Journey with Blueprint Press Internationale

There are instances in our lives where something small can change our lives, like our daily choices. 

Opportunities come daily, but not everyone knows because opportunities  don’t scream that way. You need to know what to consider an opportunity and what is not.

“Last Spring, I got a phone call from a literary agent that worked for Blueprint Press. We discussed the first book I wrote, and how it could stand another revision and reprint with that company. Sounded good enough to try it, so I signed on. I’ve been satisfied with the results so far. While we are still trying to get it on the market, I allow that because it’s only been a few months since we started the process ….”

Amanda Holiday got an opportunity to get her book published, and she took it. Our literary agents have eyes for talent, and we are glad that she took the chance to make a change in her life. It was a wise decision because blueprint press internationale literary agents ensure that our author receives the best services and knows we care about their book.

“One standout event of many, the fellow that turned a sketch into the front cover did an admirable rendition of my idea. It was closer to what I had in mind than any of the self-publishing companies managed to produce. That alone is worthy of a recommendation to consider them before you sign on anywhere…..”

We don’t take shortcuts on the services we provide because we want to ensure that all projects, we handle will make the authors proud of the outcome of their novel.

One for An Old Friend by Amanda S. Holiday

Michelle Stevens, Mickie to her friends, is a medically retired detective. She works at the National Rag, still bringing mystery to the civilians. She is working on a story of a possible gang of human traffickers to explain the disappearances of college coeds and pretty streetwalkers. It’s also the quest of a Private Investigator that knows of twelve such cases, and presumes even more from adjacent counties. Fly in the ointment? The PI is murdered. She handed over some notes that Mickie would study. We meet a lot of people and two-legged wharf rats before the end.

Amanda, a talented author, was given an opportunity to work with blueprint press Internationale, and we are glad we can help her with her journey. 

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