International Day of Democracy on September 15 allows us to commemorate and appreciate our democratic society. People who live in a free society tend to take their liberties for granted. However, when freedom is not present, life presents incomprehensible challenges. Today, let us reflect on the history of democracy around the world, appreciate those who affected the creation of our government and seek ways to preserve and protect democracy in our own country.

Over the years that we gained our freedom, we could be free to do what we want and what we like, for instance, our passion. We can do what we want because we were granted the freedom to do so. Although there are a lot of hurdles along the way, it can be said that it is on us if we want to pursue it or not.

Different people aim for different things, but it is not easy. Nothing in the world can be achieved without sacrifice and effort. We are free to choose the path we want, but we are also responsible for our decisions.

Choosing your career path is your freedom to choose. This includes the effort you make. In the publishing industry, authors are always free to choose what they like, but they also carry the load that comes with it. 

Being an author is a big decision. You will face challenges; however, it is all worth it when you finally reach your goals. One day you will look at your book and think that all your hard work was worth it.

We have the freedom to choose and decide, but all of our decisions have responsibilities that we must face; yet, it is essential to remember that many people who want to be who they want to are willing to make sacrifices and efforts to achieve their aspirations, never had the freedom to do so.

Now that freedom has been given, do not hesitate to follow your dreams. It is not a comparison but a motivation to go for your goals and inspiration to be successful.

Writers have the freedom, but it’s not easy to be in this industry. All are striving and pushing through because it is their dream they want to achieve. 

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