Benefits of Advance Reader Copy

Providing advance reader copy to the appropriate individuals, the author’s book may acquire notoriety and attention, which may enhance future book sales. A book’s advance review copy or advance reader copy is an almost full edition of the book distributed prior to its final publication.

Self-publishing agencies may utilize this approach to attract the attention of media outlets, prospective readers, reviewers, and those who share the author’s target audience’s interests. An advance reader copy can be printed or electronic and is usually labeled in print as an ARC.

Benefits of Advance Reader Copy

Early exposure to established channels may pique the interest of some readers and prepare them to purchase the author’s book. Advance reader copy may play a significant part in a self-publishing promotional plan in the following ways:

  • They may be able to assist the author in developing a partnership with a library or bookshop. If the staff of a bookshop or library appreciates the author’s book, they will not only carry it but will also be far more effective at encouraging or selling others to have a look. Win-win situation!
  • They may assist the author in acquiring dedicated readers prior to the publication of the book. If an author has already readers or an active network they can utilize advance reader copy for special giveaways.
  • They may get book reviews for the author. Sending advanced reader copies selectively to reviewers who match the author’s target demographic is an excellent approach to generate buzz. By giving them the book prior to publication, the author provides them an appropriate time to read it and, perhaps their review will be available at the same time as the author’s publish date.

Advance reader copy not only generates hype prior to the book’s publication. It is also an excellent method to get input from the public and make any necessary adjustments prior to the publication’s date.

To enjoy all of the aforementioned benefits, Blueprint Press Internationale suggests sending out your advance reader copy six-to-eight weeks prior to the final volumes being produced to allow for time to establish hype prior to the publication date.

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