Types of Editors: Work Responsibilities

Editors do not perform or examine an author’s or writer’s work as soon as they have it. The work will be given on a specific type of editor (what type of editing the output requires). There are different types of editors whose roles vary from one another.

As writers continue to type the story they want to impart, paying particular attention to grammar and sentence structure is of little importance to them. As they are still writing their first draft they are more focused on delivering and developing the message they had in mind. After finishing the draft, that’s the time that they will check on the errors that the material may have. Detailed editing will be done by an editor.

The following are the various types of editors and each respective roles:

Associate Editor

Other Term: Section Editor

Job Description:

  • They are responsible for ensuring that subordinates produce high-quality work.
  • They assess the team’s work and provide suggestions to increase the content’s readability and quality.
  • They oversee the team of subordinates in general and ensure that constructive criticism is provided.
  • They actively engaged in designing and executing ethical rules and procedures.
  • They participate in recruitment and teach new employees whenever there is a labor shortage. They rigorously verify the text for accuracy, language, and style; may suggest that some materials be rewritten to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Commissioning Editor

Other Term: Acquisition Editor

Job Description:

  • Discussing terms and conditions of representation and contracts with literary agencies and writers.
  • Reading, reviewing, and acquiring titles.
  • Coordinating, organizing, and monitoring the development of initiatives.
  • Doing market research/ data analysis of market trends.

Content Editor

Job Description:

  • Check the information and content.
  • Supervise a writing staff and collaborate with freelance contributors.
  • Ensure that material fulfills the needs of the organization or customer and adheres to the in-house style standard.
  • Manage a heavy task under the deadline.
  • Existing content should be organized, modified, and updated.
  • Check the information and content.
  • Spelling, syntax, and grammar, should all be proofread and edited.
  • Represent the organization in events such as launches, meetings, and press conferences.
  • Analyze data and analytics to boost reader engagement and retention.
  • SEO expertise and industry best practices.
  • Collaboration with the graphic design team is required to guarantee a user-friendly experience.
  • Collaborate with coworkers to generate new, unique content ideas while keeping our audience in mind.

Copy Editor

Other Term: Substantive Editors, Line Editors

Job Descriptions:

  • Organize article, photo, and advertisement page layouts
  • Correct spelling, grammatical, and punctuation mistakes in the text.
  • Examine the text for readability, style, and compliance with editorial rules.
  • Check the accuracy of data such as dates and statistics.
  • The text should be rewritten to increase clarity and readability.


Other Term: Lead Editor, Chief Editor

Note: The editor-in-chief of a publication may also be referred to as an editor, managing editor, or executive editor, although when these positions are held concurrently with the editor-in-chief, the editor-in-chief takes precedence over the others.

Job Description:

  • Check facts, punctuation, style, spelling, page design, and images
  • Content evaluation and editing.
  • Rejecting copies that look to be copied, already published, lacking in reader’s interest, or ghostwritten.
  • Responding to reader concerns and accepting responsibility for problems that arise upon publication.
  • Editorial contributions.
  • Assembling the final draft.
  • It may entail recruiting, employing, and terminating employees.

Online Editor

Other Term: Web Editor

Job Descriptions:

  • Develop, generate, and manage high-quality content.
  • Maintain current knowledge on emerging web technology developments.
  • Supervise the visual arrangement of material.
  • Adhere to all applicable copyright and privacy laws.
  • Evaluate and monitor website traffic.
  • Identify and monitor critical key performance indicators.
  • Edit, review, and provide feedback on written material Collaborate with a diverse team of web designers, marketing executives, and photographers.
  • Make the most of social networks to enhance your visibility.
  • Adhere to search engine optimization (SEO) standards.


Job Descriptions:

  • Recognize and correct grammatical and typographical errors in written material.
  • Ascertain that the work is done within the specified time frame.
  • Consult with authors and editors to ascertain the structure of individual texts in a work. Rewrite written material to maintain consistency in document structure and content.
  • Send proofread documents to the editor for confirmation and publishing.
  • Compare typeset proofs to the original copy to see whether there are any mistakes or omissions.
  • Make modifications to typeset texts using word processors and other specialist applications.
  • Directly contact writers to resolve grammatical issues relating to style and text selection.
  • Maintain current knowledge of a language’s grammatical growth as well as new terminology. Ensure that images are appropriately labeled and referenced.
  • Assess the size of page components such as photos, paragraph spacing, and alignment to verify they meet established criteria.
  • Ascertain that page numbers are in the correct sequence and are not duplicated or omitted.
  • Analyze documents to check that chapter names correspond to the table of contents.
  • Utilize industry-standard symbols that are recognized by printing and publishing organizations.
  • Make note of any adjustments made by editors/authors and check that they are reflected in the master set proof.

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