Heartfelt Narratives: Our Top Pick Books of the Month

Looking for a taste of everything there is to offer? You won’t want to miss any of the titles on our list of our top novels of the month. Every single one of the books on this list is an absolute must-read for a variety of reasons, and they are heartwarming narratives that you must read. 

Experiencing The Miracle Power of God by Dr. Larry E. Elliott

“Experiencing the Miracle Power of God” by Dr. Elliott: A Reflection on the Power of Prayer and Faith

Dr. Elliott, who has spent his life in ministry, shares his personal experiences in “Experiencing the Miracle Power of God.” Through his reflections, he shows that unexplained events are not random or coincidental, but rather are the result of God’s will and power. Prayer, according to him, opens the door for God to work in our lives and perform miracles. Dr. Elliott believes that God can meet our needs in ways that surpass our understanding.

Dr. Elliott grew up in Hapeville, Georgia, where he accepted the Lord at the age of 12 and committed himself to the gospel ministry one week later. After obtaining a BA in Psychology from Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee, he pursued a Master of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In 1978, Dr. Elliott received his Doctor of Ministry Degree from New Orleans BaptistTheological Seminary. Over the course of his career, he served churches in Texas and Florida as a pastor, and was a member of the Jacksonville Baptist Association staff and the Florida Baptist Convention staff for over 27 years. He was also honored with the title of “Chaplain Emeritus” of the Florida Air National Guard, where he served as Senior Chaplain for almost 31 years. Today, he teaches a senior adult Bible Study Group, plays in the church orchestra, and enjoys writing.

Pure Love by Carnella Jarmon

Pure Love: A Children’s Book on the Power of Unconditional Love

Pure Love is an inspiring children’s book that showcases the beauty of unconditional love through relatable examples. The book follows Javaris, a little boy who shares moments that make him feel warm and cozy inside. These moments are a testament to the power of pure love, which can be felt in good and bad situations alike. The book is intended for ages 4-7 and aims to teach children about the meaning of love, its pillars, and its incredible strength. With this book, author Carnella Whatley Jarmon hopes to remind both children and adults about the importance of expressing pure love towards each other, as it is a commandment from God.

Carnella Whatley Jarmon, a resident of Birmingham, Alabama, has dedicated over 35 years to the Birmingham Public School System in various roles, including classroom teacher, resource assistant, and parent educator. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from Tuskegee University and Miles College, as well as a Master of Education degree and an Education Specialist degree from Alabama State University. In addition to her career in education, Carnella enjoys writing, morning walks, and spending time with her family. Her passion for writing and her concern for the lack of expression of pure love between humans led her to create this book for children. Carnella believes that children should be taught about the joy and importance of experiencing pure love early in life. She has been married to Luther for over 50 years and has a daughter, a son, a son-in-law, a grandson, and two godsons.

How Did You Get Here? By Brittany D. Phillips

How Did You Get Here? is a self-help, encouragement book created to show minorities, successful people that not only came from places similar to them, but also that look like them! It is a book and documentary that tells the stories and tribulations of others and how they overcame those situations to be the success they are today. I live and believe that life is what you make it and all about choices we make and what results from them. I believe this book will inspire our youth and be a constant reminder that you can make it and be who you want to be, all it takes is a little faith and work.

Mom, entrepreneur, educator, motivational speaker, nonprofit founder and president. At age 31, I have seen and done a lot and I am grateful for my family and everything they rooted in me that has helped me to get through it all and become the woman I am today. A proud African American, black, negro woman born and raised in the heart of Houston, TX. I have earned my bachelor’s degree in business management and master’s degree in business administration from the historical Prairie View A&M University. I enjoyed some of my best years there and really set off on my journey that has brought me here. Currently, my team and I are building the foundation of my Nonprofit Organization entitled H.E.L.P. which stands for Healing Each other and Loving our Peeps, which is exactly what we set out to do and so much more. The journey has only begun.

Set a Course for Freedom: A Novel of the Revolutionary War by William K. Lewis

This is the story of Christopher Hall, a twenty-one-year-old Maryland fisherman’s son, who is caught up in the tumultuous events of the late 1700s. The novel is fictional but takes inspiration from historical events and personalities. Through Christopher’s eyes, we see the different attitudes and personalities of the people of that period as they grapple with the conflicting loyalties and choices that lie ahead. Christopher sets out to find his missing brother-in-law, Thomas, who is a member of the Maryland Committee of Correspondence. However, before he can reunite with Thomas, Christopher is forced to serve in the British Navy after being captured by a press gang.

As war between England and the colonies becomes inevitable, Christopher realizes that he cannot fight against his homeland. He makes a daring escape but almost loses his life in the process. Rescued by Captain Pierce, a blockade runner, Christopher joins him on his next mission to work his way home. However, a chance encounter with a British warship sets them on a course of privateering. Christopher becomes embroiled in adventure and romance, and as he grapples with conflicts of loyalty, family, and passion, he eventually leads a daring rescue mission for his brother-in-law.

This novel is the first of a series that describes Christopher’s naval adventures as America struggles for independence. The period of 1774 to 1812 was a tumultuous time in American history, including wars and conflicts with France, Tripoli, and Great Britain, producing the country’s first naval heroes and traditions. Readers will gain an appreciation for the people of that period, their struggles, and their sacrifices, which set the course for freedom.
The author, William K. Lewis, is an Ohio native with a deep love for the sea and American history. A retired research chemist turned author, Lewis relies on his personal experiences as a sailor, including serving in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War and skippering sailboats in various locations. He now resides in Lebanon, Ohio with his wife, Jean.

On our list of the best novels of the month, there is something for every reader, no matter what their preferred style of reading may be. These novels have something that cannot be found elsewhere, and it is certain that they will leave an indelible mark on the reader.

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