Driven Hearts by Rod Douglas

Embark on a quest for answers with ‘Driven Hearts’ by Rod Douglas

A journey for truth and motivation in life

Discover truth and motivation in ‘Driven Hearts’, a captivating novel by Rod Douglas. An uplifting narrative emphasizes the importance of faith in challenging times and encourages readers to see the presence of God in their lives.

As Douglas got closer to retirement, he got the idea to write a book about what God wants for people.He knew that people often forget to look for answers when they try to understand God.Through his writing, he hopes to show people how a relationship with God can help them see things more clearly and help them understand other people better.

Rod Douglas realized that when people want to learn more about God, they often don’t think to look for answers to their questions.He wants the reader to learn how having a relationship with God can help us understand other people better and show them how to find answers to questions they may have about life.

The journey begins with two young men venturing out on an adventure to seek answers. Along the way, they meet a diverse group of personalities, and together they witness a life-changing event that alters the course of their journey. The ship that carries them is not just a vessel but a symbol of the unity and cooperation that are needed to discover the truth.

In an effort to travel to the place where answers might be found, the ship was the vessel that provided the way. During this voyage, the ship was the way that a group of people with different personalities came together to go on this mission to find out more.

Rod Douglas’s book is a guide for anyone seeking to understand the role of faith in their lives and find inspiration in the face of adversity. Get your copy today and join the journey to discover the true meaning of faith and its importance in our lives.

“Driven Hearts” is a book for anyone seeking to understand the role of faith in their lives and to find it in the face of adversity.

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About the Author

Rod Douglas found a solid desire for compassion and fairness most of his life. He wants to be able to help others understand what others may have felt and their motivation for their lives. Caring about people can be exhausting, but doing otherwise would make life very empty. He was born and raised on a grain and livestock farm with much work. The smell of freshly turned earth still calls him to those days. He enjoys spending time with his family and helping them find ways to fix things, grow food, and just be a helping hand. He resides in a small community in southern Indiana.

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