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Blueprint Press International is a literary agency that has been providing quality services to countless authors. We provide help to those aspiring authors wanting to publish their books.

We have professional agents ready to help you achieve your goals in this industry because we value our clients as much as they value their books.

As a literary agency, we are glad we can give our clients the best services and fulfill their needs and wants just as they want them. If they need changes, we will make them. Or if they wish modifications, we are always open to doing it. 

Being able to help them is an accomplishment already, so hearing their feedback is an honor and an essential aspect of our growth. We can improve what needs to be enhanced and celebrate our success in being able to help them out on their journey.

Rod Douglas, the author of “Driven Hearts,” gave a video testimony of how much our agents were able to assist with his book and how excellent their services are.  

He stated there how he was amazed that his book was coming back to life after many years because of the help of our literary agents. He said there that he was excited to see what would happen with his book and that he had high hopes because of the Blueprint Press. He expressed his satisfaction with our services through a video testimonial of his experience with our agents. 

Receiving feedback from our customers is an honor because it shows that we were able to live up to the faith they placed in us. We are constantly expanding and enhancing our service to make our customers happy. Their trust is essential for us because trust plays a vital part in making a partnership work in this line of industry or any industry.

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