Blueprint Press Internationale: Video Testimonial of Judy Barnes

Blueprint Press Internationale: Video Testimonial of Judy Barnes

Judy Barnes has been writing books for twenty years. She started with her novel named “Two Girls From Nazareth” and continuously wrote books to be published. Right now, she’s waiting for two more of her books to be published, and she is starting to write her sixth book.

She enjoyed reading her book to the point where she read it repeatedly, believing it would be enjoyable for the public to read.

Judy Barnes went to three other publishers before but was not very satisfied with their services. Blueprint Press Internationale provided services that met her expectations, and she was pleased that we were very good to her.

Blueprint Press Internationale is always seeking talents worldwide and provides exceptional services to aspiring authors. Our growing family ensures that every new member is well taken care of and gets what they need or want. We treat our authors as part of our growing family because, just like how they learn from us, we also learn from them.

Feedback is one way to learn, and it dramatically impacts those who receive it, whether it may be good or bad. When people receive feedback, they will adjust accordingly on how to react and what to do after that.

Two Girls From Nazareth by Judy Barnes 

blueprint video testimonial

Two girls who grow up in Nazareth. Both with the name of Mary. They know that the Christ Child will be born of a woman named Mary. Could either of them be the one? The Christ Child is to be born in Bethlehem, and neither of the girls has ever been to Bethlehem. Each of the girls are virgin and might qualify, but how could this be?

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