Book Binding Types

There are tons of binding types available, and each has distinct benefits and drawbacks for various purposes. The durability of the binding effect affects how well the book or material lies flat when and how beautifully it looks.

Here are some of the bookbinding types:

1. Perfect Binding

It is also referred to as softcover binding, identical to hardcover binding, except that the cover is of lesser quality. Heavy-weight cardstock paper, coated or laminated, is frequently used for a perfect binding cover. This binding utilizes a super-strong adhesive that holds the cover and pages together. In many cases, the cover is longer than the pages, and to have a uniform appearance, the cover is trimmed.

2. Saddle Stitch Binding

This type of binding is an exceptional option for books that will be used briefly or have a limited number of pages. After printing and organizing the pages, they are stacked and put onto a conveyor, sewn together using metal staples. It is accomplished with or without the book cover.

3. Hardcover Binding

They are additionally referred to as case binding, this far the most exemplary binding method available. Indeed, in the past, all-important works were bound in leather. When hardcover books are opened, they lie flat on the table. The inner pages are stitched together in parts. The parts then adhere to the end-papers, which are subsequently attached to the cover spine.

4. Comb Binding

It is also referred to as spiral comb binding, surelox binding, plastic comb binding, or cerlox; this technique employs circular plastic spines with 19 rings (US Letter size) or 21 rings (A4 size) and a hole puncher capable of producing rectangular holes.

5. Thermal Binding

Thermal binding gives softcover books the same appearance as perfect binding. It is accomplished via a heating procedure that softens the adhesive and binds the pages to the document’s spine.

6. Spiral Binding

It is accomplished by drilling identical holes and threading a plastic or metal coil instead of a comb.

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