What is Expository and Narrative Nonfiction?

Nonfiction refers to a branch of literature that deals with presenting an idea or information with the support of validated facts. It tackles actual events and different factual details. But how nonfiction is delivered varies from one style to another. The common styles are expository and narrative nonfiction.

Let us begin first by examining the similarities between expository and narrative nonfiction. To begin, they are both thoroughly researched, and the author’s inclusion of every fact and concept is verifiable.

Expository Nonfiction

In expository nonfiction, ideas and facts are communicated directly and plainly. Consequently, it often depends significantly on style and design to communicate content, and it is more likely to contain a range of text characteristics than narrative nonfiction.

General overviews of subjects such as the human body or Ancient Egypt are included in expository nonfiction works. Nonfiction that communicates a specific notion about the similarities and differences in other species’ skeletons, as well as other birds’ ornamental techniques, is a type of expository nonfiction. More specialized books may convey information and ideas in unique ways.

Narrative Nonfiction

Narrative nonfiction attracts a target audience (readers) fond of stories as it incorporates actual characters and places, narrative sequences, a narrative arc with growing tension, a climax, and a conclusion. While offering readers an in-depth view of the individuals and situations portrayed, the scenes are connected by explanatory transitions, which provide meaningful context and speed through nonessential sections of the real narrative.

Pacing is making sure each scene is essential to telling the story well. Narrative nonfiction, seen in biographies and novels that chronicle significant historical events, generally utilizes a chronological sequence of text structures and is particularly well-suited for this genre. As well as being useful for books that focus on the process of performing science, it is also helpful for texts that discuss scientific methods.

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