Brenda Mize Garza’s ‘The Starfish Island Gang: The Beginning,’

Brenda Mize Garza’s ‘The Starfish Island Gang: The Beginning,’ Explores the Concept of Spiritual Discord in An Unseen Realm 

An ethereal battle in a hidden world

‘The Starfish Island Gang: The Beginning’ is an adventure to the unknown world to fight for survival. 

An unseen world that surrounds all of us has been here almost since the beginning of time. A world where angels fight for you and demons fight against you—a battle for your very soul. 

The orphanage children unknowingly entered this battle the day they moved into the old manor. The children were in awe when the angels assigned to them just appeared. However, when  Kenneth and Raymond encountered demons in the forbidden basement they realized that all is not what it seems in the manor house.

The children were sent to an unknown destination to fulfill their mission from god. The inhabitants of this new location are demons and the occasional pirates. Once they arrive on the island, the demons are preparing for the battle to end all battles while the angels are prepared and ready to assist the humans. Unfortunately, only the children are currently aware of these impending battles. However, they are clothed in the Armour of The Lord and armed with The Mighty Word of God.

Come along on their adventure as they fight for their survival.

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About the Author

Brenda Mize Garza’s love and faithfulness in God shine throughout each book she writes. She writes so engagingly that you find yourself in the middle of every adventure. Her stories are always rich in allegory, vivid storytelling, and wonderful characters. The one thing that always remains constant throughout each of her novels is her faith in God and her desire to share Him with everyone through storytelling.

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