Judy Barnes: Author Testimonial

The appreciation and testimonials that we receive from our customers are the component of our work that brings us the greatest delight. This aspect is followed by the gratification that we get from providing our customers with the finest possible level of service. We are happy to announce that author Judy Barnes provided us with an Author Testimonial.

Blueprint Press is gratified to know that the clients recognize and value the hard work exerted on the project. As a result, it motivates our team to pursue excellence and surpass what we consider our finest.

Judy Barnes has written and relicensed many books under Blueprint Press, and now her new one is out with us. 

“Writing the book LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM was a different experience. I had written religious books before.”

We, the staff at Blueprint Press, agree with author Judy on this note.  In point of fact, writing a book is a wholly unique experience in and of itself.  Slogging through the arduous process of bringing one’s book to success is an experience that every author has gone through.

Judy Barnes has expressed her utmost gratitude to Blueprint press as the company continues to support her with her books. She mentioned as well, that collaborating with us has been a memorable experience for her throughout the publishing process.

“Blueprint Press worked with me to make this book develop into what I wanted it to be. They even used the drawing I drew to be on the cover.”

Blueprint Press is eternally grateful for the unwavering support and confidence that our current and future clients have been giving us. They are the lifeblood of the organization, which is why we are actively investigating opportunities to provide our services. 

At Blueprint Press Internationale, it is a pleasure for us to collaborate with skilled authors from all over the world. One of our key objectives is aiding authors in bringing their literary visions to life through our services. We consider this as well to be one of our most important mission.

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