Deciding the Appropriate Book’s Trim Size

Even though books come in one form, there are many different sizes to choose from. Trim size is a phrase used to describe the book size. A range of variables influences the choice of trim size, including economic issues and industry requirements for certain publications. The trim size of your book is an essential consideration when planning your book’s layout and selecting paper material.

What to Consider in Choosing The Trim Size

1. Trim Sizes of Similar Genre

The book should seamlessly integrate within the genre as a whole. You can browse through your library or bookshop and discover the sizes of other sizes.

2. The thickness of the book

To save on printing expenses, you could switch to a significantly larger trim size if you have a lot of text. In order to make a thicker book just a little slimmer, increasing the trim size 5 x 8 (inches) to 6 x 9 (inches) can help. Know the thickness of your book.

3. Printing Properties

Printing your book on the standard trim size is cost-effective for your book. Below are the lists of the standard publishing trim size.

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