Difference Between Flash Fiction and Short Stories

There are many subcategories of creative writing. There are novellas, novels, short stories, and flash fiction, and more. What distinguishes these writing styles from one another? Word Count.

Flash Fiction

It is a kind of literature that is condensed but has character and narrative development. Numerous varieties have been identified, the majority of which are defined by word count:

  1. Six-word story
  2. Twitterature- 280 words
  3. Dribble or minisaga- 50 words
  4. Drabble or microfiction- 100 words
  5. Sudden fiction- 750 words

According to some critics, flash fiction has a distinctive literary property in that it may allude to or indicate a bigger narrative.

Distinguishing Characteristics of Flash Fiction

  • A Well-Developed Story
    It has a beginning, middle, and conclusion like any other story. Unlike prose or vignette, which may explore an emotion, memory, or idea without a narrative, this makes it distinct from a plotless piece of writing like a sonnet.
  • Brevity
    In flash fiction, the span of a few paragraphs describes a complete narrative. Flash fiction word counts may vary widely, although, for shorter works, six words is typical, while for larger works, 1,000 words are not uncommon.
  • Surprise
    One of the best ways to add surprise to a flash fiction piece is to include a twist at the conclusion or an unexpected final sentence. This is not a gimmick; our goal is to encourage the reader to reflect on the story’s more profound significance critically.

Short Story

It is a complete narrative, comparable to a book, having a beginning, middle, and conclusion. The only distinction is that it is much shorter. It usually ranges from 1,000- 10,000 words. Within those parameters, you will need a well-formed narrative from start to finish, well-defined characters, and a developed location and subject.

It is believed that short stories are more challenging to write since the word count is limited. If you are used to writing novels or tales with intricate storylines, short stories may be challenging to write. However, it is believed that writing short stories is an excellent kind of exercise.

It enables you to write succinctly and to the best of your abilities about your storyline, characters, and everything in between. Less is more; quality takes precedence over quantity.

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