Tips in Creating A Great Author Platform

Every author or writer desires and requires a great author platform: the ability to reach readers via their name, reputation, or relationships. Without an outlet, self-publishing writers would struggle to reach a large audience- and those seeking a conventional book contract will face an uphill battle, particularly in nonfiction, where platforms reign supreme.

You no longer need to be a superstar to start a publishing career; most authors or writers begin small and gradually expand their audience. Blueprint Press Internationale has assisted tons of first-time authors in publishing their works, and in this post, we’ll provide tried-and-true strategies for growing any author’s or writer’s platform.

Mailing List

A newsletter or a mailing list is the most crucial tool any other author may have. It is a method for authors to connect with people who already know them or like their work. As such, it is a critical element of book promotion that you should establish as soon as possible to begin gaining readers immediately.

An author mailing list is a primary instrument to develop a long-lasting connection with the readers, converting them into repeat customers and loyal followers. Each transaction you make without a mailing list is a missed opportunity.

In other words, if you want to stop your followers from slipping through your fingers and disappearing into the depths of the Internet, you will need a mailing list.

Establishing an Online Presence

It is critical that people can discover you when they search your name, and ideally, they will arrive on a page you have curated to showcase your work (e.g., author website, online profile, etc.).

Having your author’s website is a must if you are serious about your work. Include an “About” section that consists of a brief biography, contact information, connections to your social media accounts, links to online examples of your work, and a sign-up form for your mailing list.

If you sign up for your mailing list, the primary action you want visitors to do when they come on your site is to make it prominent, replete it with a “reader magnet” (enticement to download), and even exit pop-ups. If the goal is for them to purchase your existing publications, prominently display their covers and explicitly indicate links to digital vendors. If this all seems overwhelming, working with a professional author website designer can significantly simplify the process.

Develop a Social Media Following

Increasing your social media following does not need you to embarrass yourself with different challenges on TikTok; you do not have to become viral to utilize social media successfully. As with any cost-effective marketing strategy, you should try to appeal to individuals who are likely to be interested in what you are publishing.

  • Select your platforms with caution.
    While authors prefer to gather on Twitter, Facebook pages/groups and Instagram are gaining more popularity, particularly for children’s picture books. The critical point here is to use the media with which you are most comfortable and ensure adequate activity on the platform for your genre (you can test various platforms and digital communities and see which respond well).
    Connect with other writers and keep others informed about your work and activities. Readings, online panel discussions, book signings, and new releases should all be included in your feed for the benefit of your followers!
  • All work and no pleasure results in a bland social media presence.
    Although it is important to post updates about your business on social media, limit yourself to one maximum of two reminders for future events. Avoid reusing the same content again; otherwise, your followers may see you as spammy.
    Equally, use these channels and let your readers get to know you by sharing things you enjoy: books, movies, TV programs, and online articles are all pertinent to someone inquisitive about your hobbies and inspirations. To be clear, social media is not required if it is not your thing; but, if you are comfortable with it, strive to be at least semi-consistent with your material. Keep in mind that doing poorly on social media may be worse than not performing at all.

Establishing Track Record of Publications

As a novice author, you lack the trump card of “I’ve previously written three best-sellers” to persuade a publisher to take you on. However, books are not the only publications that count in this instance! Writing articles for newspapers or literary magazines is an excellent method to get your name out there for both fiction and nonfiction. This includes book reviews, op-ed articles, personal essays, literary discussion pieces, and book lists if you’re writing nonfiction.

We recognize that this is a lot of information, and so we’ll conclude with a warning to avoid being overwhelmed and therefore immobilized. After all, developing an author platform is a process; thus, begin by focusing on one item and working diligently on it before moving on to the next.

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