Julie McGrath Tells Her Story About Blueprint Press Internationale

Julie McGrath Tells Her Story About Blueprint Press Internationale

Blueprint Press Internationale is open to all talented individuals worldwide, and we believe everyone has their own story.

As an author, it is challenging to publish your stories. The industry itself is complex enough because of the external pressures we receive from the people around us or the society at large not believing in our stories. Not just that, there are also those times when we encounter publishers or agents that don’t care about us or our books. We still push through because we want our stories to be told.

Blueprint Press Internationale differs from those unwilling to work with you or believe in you. We know your stories are worth it and need to be told. We care about the outcome of your book, so we ensure that you see its progress and update you throughout the process.

“This whole republishing of my book has been nothing but amazing. Everything has gone exactly as Blueprint Press said that it would go. “

Each story is unique, and we want to show that uniqueness to the readers and let them see it for themselves. When we give promises or suggestions about your books, we ensure that every word we say will be done.

“I believe that what they’re doing is terrific. They are educating people and allowing people to tell their stories. “

Educating our clients is also important because we want them to understand what happens to their books and what information is required. Hence, there are no surprises when they see the results. So, they would know what to do to make their books unforgettable. Not just that, it is also to guide them in having their stories told.

People write stories for a purpose, and everyone has different goals for writing theirs. Despite the differences, all authors have one thing in common: the desire to convey the message in their stories. Blueprint Press wants that to happen.

“I appreciate Blueprint Press, and I would give Blueprint Press a rating of the highest number.”

The appreciation of our authors becomes our motivation and inspiration to work harder and better. Produce more valuable books and create a path for the authors to get their stories published.

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