Blueprint Press Internationale has talented authors we work with, and now they can publish their books. The books that they worked hard to write were handled with care by our literary agents to create an output that can satisfy the services needed by our clients. 

We have varieties of books that excellent writers write, and here are four of those books that are must-read. 

  1. It’s You by Dee Dee Welch

Chiffon Hartwell fought courageously to pull herself out of a mental depression that haunted her since childhood. With abandonment issues, she entered relationships with caution. After all, her father taught her the hard way – men could never be fully trusted. Then the inevitable happened, she fell in love. As expected, deceit and treachery soon followed. Left without a choice, she made a fresh start, only to discover nothing was as it appeared.


No one ever dared to tell him no.

Joshua Abbout would utilize any and every resource to make sure he had a life with the woman he loved. Sure, his tactics were extreme but she was worth it. By any means necessary was his motto. Nothing would keep them apart – including Chiffon.

DEE DEE WELCH is a romance writing enthusiast who has had a love for the written word since childhood. With several romance novels under her belt, she decided to take the leap to share her talent with the world.

A native of Chicago, IL, when she isn’t reading or writing page turners, she spends her spare time crafting, singing and traveling the world for inspiration. 

Find out more about Dee Dee at www.dromancewriter.com, where you can sign up to receive emails on upcoming releases.

  1. The Heart of Matter by Elizabeth Motley

“Quite frankly, the fantasy genre sometimes seriously lacks a unique take on aliens or “extraterrestrials” but in The Heart of Matter by author Elizabeth Motley, we see a whole new world come to life that directly focuses on aliens and even the different types that are out there in this exciting fantasy novel. Pacific Book Review”

Bethany is on a spiritual journey that detours and winds around before she finds her way and realizes she was on her path all along and is renewed. An employee for corporate America, Bethany seeks to cement and nurture her belief in the unknown because she can feel that it is more real than ‘reality’ and help light the world, so it is easier for others to feel good and see beyond the illusion.

  1. This Shared Moment with You by Shawayne Dunstan

When we look back

I hope it’s from a nostalgic view

Thankful that I’m blessed

To have found you

Among everything and everyone

If I am the moon

Then you are the sun

Shawayne Dunstan is a poet, illustrator, and singer from Toronto, Ontario. His first publication was Guilty by Association in 2016. Since then, he has published several more poetry collections, including Wallflower, Poor Man’s Nectar, and Drunken Fireflies from Somber Lullabies. His work focuses on tribulations, affirmations, and desire. Keep up to date with Shawayne’s poetry on Instagram


  1. The Legend of Hoopman by Michael T. Gregory

Chuck “Hoopman” Hayes is a retired Army Officer that goes back to school for the opportunity to play college basketball. It doesn’t take Hoopman long to figure out his team is hiding a dark secret. As Chuck digs deeper, he finds the purity of the game that he loves is being subjected to corruption. But Chuck Hayes dares to take on the criminals threatening his teammates and his dreams. To save the game he loves and what may be his only chance to be a Champion, Hoopman will do whatever it takes, even if it costs him his life.

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