Matthew Moore: Author Testimonial

Nothing compares to the sincerity of the testimonials provided by our clients. Matthew Moore, the author of Detective Lambchild: The Court of Inquiry and Adventures of a Lifetime, provides a testimonial about our service. These kinds of testimonies fuel our enthusiasm to assist them in easing the load of publishing their books.  Blueprint Press Internationale makes it a priority to earn the satisfaction of their customers with their quality service.

When carrying out their responsibilities, none of our team members at Blueprint Press Internationale ever prioritize profit over quality. Without our customers’ unwavering support and faith in our work’s quality, we would not be where we are right now. Our highest priority is our commitment to provide our customers with outputs that live up to their standards.

“I am most grateful for the work my Project Manager, Literary Agent, and Blueprint have done to obtain every project that I have with them. The insurability insurance for Adventures of a Lifetime, audiobooks, Publicity Campaign, and mostly two books relicensed. I now have two books written the way I want with magnificent, appealing covers at a reasonable price with Blueprint Press.”

Blueprint Press Internationale firmly believes that authors can achieve greater with their craft by gaining assistance they require from the individuals they can rely on. Our group can ensure that our clients will obtain their desired result since we also give them the encouragement they need in publishing their book that comes from their great mind.

Every creation that they make is done to realize their full potential. We always give it our best, wringing the creative juices we have in sharing the author’s literary piece with the readers that they will invariably amass in the long run.

The professional team members at Blueprint Press Internationale would like to express their deepest gratitude to their customers for their continued support in patronizing their services. Our customer’s feedback will always serve as our driving force to continue what we are doing.

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