Patricia Bullock: Author Testimonial

Because we are so passionate about what we do, we are compelled to produce truly remarkable work that will motivate and encourage others. It is also the motivation for us to keep putting in the hard work necessary to bring about incredible results and achieve our goals. 

Patricia Bullock spent her childhood in the country, where she indulged her passion for reading and communicating with others through letters. She first began penning tales of romance and adventure for her middle school classmates. She aspired to become a reporter so she could cover stories from around the globe. Susie, the oldest, was blind, but she would always encourage her to use her imagination when writing. She’s a happily married woman with four grown sons and three young grandsons. Her stories come to life because of the love she has for her loved ones.

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One of the reasons that each of us chooses to write our own stories is simply because we enjoy doing so. Making the decision that you want to write a story requires a great deal of bravery and commitment on your part. As a result of this, Blueprint Press Internationale desires to provide you with support and direction as you embark on the challenging journey that lies ahead of you.

Blueprint Press Internationale is grateful to have the opportunity to be able to provide you with support and direction as you embark on your journey to create and show the hard work that you have created and to achieve the success that you deserve.

Blueprint Press Internationale would like to express their gratitude for the support and comments that they have received from their readers. Because of these factors, we are committed to continuing our growth and development in order to become better for our authors.

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