Renée Rodgers Barstack : Author Testimonial 

Anything is possible, and you can realize any dream you have if you put in the necessary amount of effort, as well as a significant amount of dedication and a great deal of passion for what you want to do.

“ I would like to thank blueprint press for making the book possible…..” 

Renee Rodgers Barstack, who goes by her full title of Dr. Renee Rodgers Barstack, holds a doctoral degree in English Education. She first taught English to students in the seventh grade, and then went on to teach at a variety of colleges and a university. At the moment, she is a professor of Children’s Literature at Glendale Community College in the state of Arizona. She has one dog, three cats, and two tortoises, all of which call the Phoenix area home. She was inspired to write a piece titled “My Pet Peeve” by one of her cats, Munchkin, as well as by the students in Dr. Barstack’s class.

The next step we take after receiving an inspiration can come from anywhere and at any time; however, we are ultimately responsible for deciding what that step will be. And for Dr. Renee Rodgers Barstack, it was what motivated her to write her stories in the hope that they would motivate and inspire other people who read them as well.

The process will take a long time and be difficult; along the way, you will have to overcome obstacles and make sacrifices; however, when the results are revealed, it will be clear that the effort was well worth it.

Blueprint Press Internationale is grateful that she placed her faith in us to be by her side throughout the challenging journey that she is currently undergoing. Additionally, we are thankful for the feedback that we received from her, and we intend to continue growing and improving so that we can provide the best service possible to our writers.

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