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As an author, there is no question that you want to grow your target audience and have higher sales. After all, you have invested a great deal of time and effort into writing and publishing your book; why shouldn’t you enjoy the wonderful advantages associated with it.

Here’s a piece of advice: if you have not converted your book to an audiobook format, you are losing an altogether new and vast target audience that may love your book. As a result of today’s fast-paced digital lifestyle, some readers prefer to listen to their books on the move, which is precisely why audiobooks are invented.

We understand that you might think that making an audiobook can be consuming and costly. Fortunately, with the correct strategy in place and assistance from publishing agencies, you may successfully convert your current book into an audiobook at a shoestring price. So, continue reading to learn all you need to know about audiobooks.

What is an Audiobook?

An audiobook enables a target audience to listen to a recording of a material’s text rather than reading the material’s text. Although there is a tremendous increase in usage in the previous several years, they are not entirely new. It (formerly known as talking books) began in the 1930s; they are first available in the form of a cassette tape or vinyl record (now digital versions) and were primarily utilized for educational purposes.

At the present, it can be downloaded in various formats (WMA, MP3, Advanced Audio Coding, etc.) and can be listened to by devices compatible with the format.

Audiobook Websites

Advantages of Converting Book to an Audiobook

Advantage to Reader

  • Boosts time management: Because multitasking enables us to accomplish more throughout the day, readers may benefit from listening to an audiobook while traveling to work, taking a lunch break, or doing home tasks. Additionally, listening to an audiobook may make mundane jobs like cleaning, ironing, and dishwashing more fun.
  • Hearing is the first language skill people develop; unsurprisingly, 85 percent of what we learn is by hearing. Moreover, combining text and audio boosts our capacity to retain information by 40%.
  • Increases literary skills: Younger audiences who engage in audiobooks daily demonstrate an improvement in reading accuracy of up to 52%, an improvement in comprehension of up to 76%, and an improvement in reading speed, pronunciation, and vocabulary (Audiobook Publishers Association).
  • As previously said, not everyone will be able to interact with a book via reading. By including an alternative to listen to a tale, you may reach out to readers with impairments such as learning difficulties, impaired vision, or dyslexia who find reading exceedingly hard or impossible.

Advantage to Author

  • Reach a new and larger audience: While some people like holding a book in their hands and feeling its crisp pages, others prefer to listen to a tale than read it. Bear in mind that not all readers like the act of reading. Audiences that are short on time, visually handicapped, or dyslexic represent an untapped market.
  • Increased profit margins: Because the cost of making it is less expensive, particularly in comparison to the cost of manufacturing print books, you may make a significantly bigger profit margin from them.
  • Make an impression online: Despite their popularity, it still accounts for a far lower share of the total book industry than print books. As an author, this implies that your book will be more readily discoverable through audiobook outlets than it would be through sites that carry millions of print titles.
  • No stock storage required: Forget about storing hundreds, if not thousands, of copies of your book. Because audiobooks are digital files, they do not need storage in a warehouse or your garage. Indeed, your audiobook may be nothing more than a single digital file that is resold again.
  • Budget-friendly: As mentioned before, publishing an audiobook may be a relatively inexpensive endeavor. Indeed, several freelance pros are available to format, produce, and narrate your audiobook, obviating the need for costly production organizations.

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