What is an Alpha Reader?

You may have overheard the term alpha reader and might not be entirely sure of what it means. What they undertake, or what is their purpose? But firstly, what is an alpha reader?

Alpha Reader

The alpha reader or often called the first reader reads the author’s work-in-process prior to finishing it. This could occur as soon as the author completes the first draft or could be a little later. Then, perhaps, the author reads the first manuscript, makes any necessary corrections, and then shows the second manuscript to the alpha reader.

If an author utilizes an alpha reader, they will want them to review their manuscript before sending it to an editor (if the author has the plans of having one).

Purpose of Having an Alpha Reader

The alpha reader’s job is to determine whether the underlying layout of the author’s manuscript works. Are there any obvious flaws? The objective is to have a trustworthy alpha reader identify concerns that the author may overlook. This is not the moment to attract a large number of readers to the author’s work (a one or two will be enough).

Numerous authors omit the usage of alpha readers entirely. If the author opts to proceed, the earlier they do it, the greater it is. The author wants to minimize the amount of time spent refining portions that may be modified or even eliminated due to input from the alpha reader.

Appropriate Time Obtaining Alpha Reader

An optimal period to acquire the alpha reader is between the start of the material and the completion of the first output. It is all up to the author. If the author wants to determine how they perform as a writer and whether the plot makes sense and is going forward in the right direction, involving the alpha reader is an excellent approach.

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