Working and Looking For Beta Readers

A beta reader is similar to a beta tester, where they test a specific output and have it on trial. Similar to that concept, a beta reader will test read the unreleased authors’ work and give feedback on it.

Working With Beta Readers

Knowledgeable on the Genre

Honesty is the best quality any beta reader should have, but the author should look for a reader that reads the particular genre they are in. Opting for a beta reader that is particularly interested in nonfiction and the genre of your book falls in fiction, the beta reader will not likely provide feedback that would be necessary on the author’s end.

Open-Mind (DON’T Necessarily Apply All!)

By the time the beta readers notify the author that they have completed reading the book and can now send their notes, they will be eager to begin implementing their suggestions. First, however, it is critical to consider the rippling effects of applying their recommendations to the rest of your material.

Ponder on their criticisms meticulously, and keep an eye out for any comments beyond one beta reader; this is a solid indication that something is wrong. Furthermore, a beta reader that is familiar with the author’s genre can pinpoint missing and clichéd components of the story.


If a beta reader is doing the author a favor and is inclined to give the author more time, the author may be hesitant to assign a time limit. However, as long as the author’s expectations are sensible and workable, the beta readers will value knowing when the author would like to have the feedback. This will guarantee the author of avoiding being trapped in a lengthy period of endless changes.

Looking for Beta Readers

Beta readers provide a review (reader’s viewpoint) of the author’s finished manuscript. Anyone can be a beta reader, regardless of whether it’s a friend or a relative, bearing in mind that they provide a blunt response and the genre of the book lines up with what books they read.

Online and Authors Community

These are a good location for beta readers, as members of the writing community frequent them. In addition, other authors who are also nearing the completion of their manuscripts will certainly be seeking beta readers, and the author can switch manuscripts and complete the task.


If the author has a website, they can put up a mailing list. The author’s newsletter gives their readers a sign-up option to opt to be beta readers of their book. The author may provide compensation, acknowledge the beta reader on the book, or give a free copy of the finalized book (whichever is best for the author).

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