Climbing Utopia’s Mountain


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This challenging book, I call climbing the utopian mountain, portrays an exceptional God and a place I dream about in my heart, equal to finding Utopia. However, finding the place called Utopia has a dual meaning, and being euphoric in mind and spirit is similar to finding the land of Utopia.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Utopia’s peaceful and beautiful land is in the heavens above. And it has streets of gold and gates of pearl. And I am sure; it’s a special place to live in this universe, and someday we’ll all want to live in the land of Utopia.
In this book about heaven, I call climbing the utopian mountain means I’ve found an intangible euphoric frame of mind. And my beautiful feelings for the land of Utopia are expressed through the many unusual and sincere bible stories I write.

I am confident that most people believe the land of Utopia is an imaginary place, not actual and tangible, and it would be impossible to find. However, finding the land of Utopia and the euphoric spirit of Utopia isn’t impossible to find. But we must commit ourselves to God first, and the other two desires will follow.

I want you to know that even though it’s not a secret location, the map leading us to the land of Utopia doesn’t have an “x” marking the spot. However, it’s specific; we must grow wings and cruise above the clouds to find it.

Finding the land of Utopia requires a Spirit Guide, and when we become euphoric about the world of God. Our caring Spirit Guide reveals a place above the clouds where the euphoric treasure hunters find their perfect home.

This enlightenment book has fifty-five unique bible stories, and reading them is like taking a cruise above the clouds and entering into the realms of Utopia. And finding the land of Utopia will be like finding the Garden of Eden, and I hope you find the kingdom of God too.
God bless you, Paul

Paul is an owner/operator of a construction company, theologian of the heart, creative story designer, and Bible story writer.


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