In Search of My Soulmate


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With a new perspective on life, Angell continues her search for the one. When she thinks she finds him in P.J., a successful businessman, she does everything right. She’s not too forward, she makes sure to continue to put God first, and she accepts the faults of the one she loves for what they are.

So, if she’s doing everything right the way she’s supposed to, why does she lose P.J.? When her best friend dies and P.J.’s mother’s life ends, they put their dream wedding on hold and go their separate ways. Convinced she’ll never find a man like P.J. again, Angell puts her trust and faith in God more than she ever has.

With his help, she realizes that everything happens for a reason–and if she’s meant to be with P.J., she will be.

In Search of My Soulmate is the enticing journey one woman makes while trying to fulfill her expectations in a man, please God, and learn the balance in between.

Lula King Johnson
Lives in the Dallas, Fort Worth Area in Texas, where she is an Executive Chef, Private Chef, Cooking Class Instructor, Entrepeneur, Philanthropist, Published Author, Upcoming Visionary & Founder/CEO of a Charity Foundation, sought as a Candidate for Who’s Who in 2022, One of God’s Leading Ladies and a Member of The Potters House in Dallas; this is the second publishing of her Novel.


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