Legend of the Dinosaur Tail: Part 1


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Legend of the Dinosaur Tail is Part One of a series of four fictional books, a trilogy with a prequel. It’s of a new breed of humans post-World War III called the pale ones, their various conversions, and the start of their society. Legend of the Dinosaur Tail introduces you to the characters and sets the current events, leading to the survival of the new underground civilization. It is a fast-paced series with many plots and twists. Once you pick it up, you will not want to put it down, and you will be looking forward to the next book in the series.

The book series is as follows:

The Legend of the Dinosaur Tail(Part One)
Danger in the Land of Grandeur(Part Two)
Life in the Legendary City of Gold(Part Three)
The Transformation of Life to Legend(Prequel)

My name is Arlene Hendry Cotterell, fifty-two, born and raised in 1970 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have three wonderful brothers, all younger than me, but they are successful in what they do, and I love my brothers, Donald, Scott, and Jeff, very much. I do my best to make my parents proud in the event that they are able to be informed of my doings since they are no longer with us. I do hope that you, my readers, can find some pleasure in reading my book because while writing this book, I thought about all of you and your reactions to certain parts of this book. I was also thinking about how easy it was for you, my readers, to put down. I wish you all to have good reads and to be able to follow my books, for this is not my last, and at this point, I do not know if there will be a sequel after it or not. I go where the book takes me. Thank you for your interest and, hopefully, for reading this book.

My name is Philip Olonzo Hite, and I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was delivered into this world on September 19, 1967, at Sunrise hospital. I am co-writing this book with my girlfriend, Arlene Hendry Cotterell, as this is a great hobby. I am thinking of you, all the readers, to ensure the book is interesting enough for all of you. I have greatly enjoyed writing my first book, learning the necessities of writing for others, and having fun while watching my girlfriend be serious and write since this is the only time I see her serious. To me, that makes her more beautiful. I thank you for showing an interest in this book, and I hope you actually read this book and really enjoy it. Now is the time to open the book to its first page and start to read it until you get to the last page. Thank you.


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