Sideman: A Story about the Invisible Heroes of the Music Business


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Sideman is a compelling fiction novel about a young man named Jason James, who finds himself smack in the middle of a full-scale country music career!

Join Jason and his bandmates as they travel from town to town doing the most people dream of. He could be making money playing music!
The story begins atop an old storm cellar, a hidy-hole used to protect folks from the vicious attacks that tornados would inflict on them.
Jason and Katy, his cousin, would use the cellar as the perfect Pseudo-Opry stage, spending countless hours after school pretending they were on stage at the Grand Ole Opry, playing before a packed house with an audience played by Jason’s five-year-old brother Kevin.

Little did he know it would serve as part of a vast degree of training that would serve him well—as a SIDEMAN!

Join Jason and his bandmates as they ride the Silver Eagle to town after town. Experience the highs and lows, heartaches and triumphs that can only come from being a Country Music SIDEMAN!

Jay D Lankford, the author of SIDEMAN, has been through quite a storm over the past few years.
It began in 2009 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Then in August 2021, he and his wife of over 43 years, Patti, was diagnosed with COVID-19 and were hospitalized. Jay survived. Patti did not.

Lankford has also written over 2000 songs which continues to be his fastball. He lives in a small town in OKLAHOMA called Bristow, only 18 miles from his hometown of Stroud, where he grew up.

He is widowed but has lately been seeing someone who is, in his words, the love of his life—Nicol Richards.
He has been keeping busy writing and having penned a western trilogy series about a man named Buck Davis, an adventurous cowboy who goes through everything from a war to a battle with the KKK in a thrilling three-part series. If you like Westerns, you will love them.


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