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The Lunatic


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Anglor is a Selenite, a man from the moon sent to Earth on a divine mission to make it a better world, but the catch is, it will be difficult to convince people of a better way because due to the fact that he will not give up his Selenite traditions, (including a suicide and re-brith every six motnhs,) he will be deemed insane, as “The Lunatic,” as he, through becoming a renowned artist makes a plea to the planet Earth to “kill history,” and start again without it.


Lauren Wantz was born in Kussel, Germany in 1991. She moved to the states in 1992 and due to her father’s employment in the air force has travelled and lived through much of the United States as well. Many of Wantz’ novels are about her own personal struggles with addiction and mental illness. She is bisexual and currently resides semi permanently in Ohio with her wonderful cat Tony.


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