There Is No Universe


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New guidebook is an invitation into a journey to elevate one’s spiritual soul

Russ Simmons’ ‘There Is No Universe’ aims to promote higher level of spiritual development among readers

“There Is No Universe” in essence, is an invitation into a journey to elevate one’s spiritual soul. In here, Simmons encourages readers to develop a thought process where they seek the truth – and think – beyond what is taught and said to them. He hopes for people to take the personal responsibility for their development to a higher level of God’s being by asking what the meaning behind the Scripture is.

An excerpt from the book reads:

This book is not written to change your mind on any beliefs or religion. It’s one and only purpose is to make you THINK and question. Think about anything that anyone, and I mean anyone, tells you about how you should believe on any subject. Thinking is most important for your religious beliefs and your eternal soul. Think about and consider the words and ideas in this book.

“Now is the time. In my opinion, our society has developed beyond the elementary level of Christ teachings. Christ words were written to a world of early man. His deeper meanings are all there in the Word. We are now ready to find the understandings Christ wanted for a more developed man,” Simmons concludes.

“There Is No Universe”

By Russ Simmons


eBook, Hardcover, Paperback


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