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Blueprint Press Internationale: Testimony of Anthony Villet

Blueprint Press Internationale is dedicated to making authors’ goals come true as that is what we are and aim for our authors.

Success always comes with determination and hard work, which is what we promote to our people and clients. We provide top-tier services to ensure that our authors receive nothing less than the best. 

We are a trustworthy agency that strives to provide our clients with the most excellent possible professional experience because their success is also our success. Blueprint Press is honored to be chosen and trusted by the talented authors that reach out to us, so we ensure that we can make them proud.

Ensure that all our clients and those they recommend to us get the best service for their books and that their trust in us is worth it.

Anthony Villet, author of Eternities Truth’s

Anthony Villet, the author of Eternities Truth’s, gave us a video testimony that provides us with a more solid foundation as a reliable literary agency. There he said how much he was pleased to have chosen Blueprint Press International to represent his book. That simple statement warms our hearts, knowing we have lived up to their expectations. 

It has never been easy to be in this industry. Still, our clients give us the strength to keep going forward and grow into better service providers. We dedicate ourselves to being of excellent service to our clients.

Receiving appreciation from our clients impacts our literary agency and our literary agents because it gives us ideas of where we can improve. It also makes us feel proud of ourselves for being able to do our best with the assigned tasks. Simple acts like saying thank you, providing feedback, and making suggestions also help us learn and grow.

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