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If you’re looking for your next favorite books, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of our top picks for great reads:

The Starfish Island Gang: Mystery of The Beach House

The Starfish Island Gang: Mystery of The Beach House

In The Beach House, five ordinary kids begin on a journey learning about The God Who created everything! This journey starts the day the Kids curiosity of an old abandoned beach house gets the best of them. Soon they will learn that the quiet town of Shell Cove on beautiful Starfish Island is not what it seems. Their days of playing on the sugar white sand, building sandcastles or swimming in the most beautiful crystal blue ocean is a thing of the past. This strange world they have entered is filled with unfamiliar voices, disappearing people, and wily demons. They now find themselves in the long-standing battle between good and evil. You will find this book full of encouragement and uplifting. The children face life and the many challenges that come their way and they find the answers waiting for them in The Word of God.

He Heals the Hurt

He Heals the Hurt

Hurt can sometimes take you by surprise, seemingly knocking you off your feet and taking the wind out of your sails. At that point, what should you do? Or whom can you turn to heal, restore your brokenness, and set you in your rightful place again? As we journey through these pages, you’ll see and experience the true remedy to life’s aches, woes, and pain through a loving Savior, friend, and much, much more.

You’ve heard it said, “Time heals all wounds!” But does it, really? Many people are imprisoned, chained, or enslaved by the hurt of some sort without realizing it. We all endure pain, suffer loss, anguish, and some type of hurt during our lifetime. But how we deal with it or choose to live with it is another story. In He Heals the Hurt, Sharon Stone reveals that just as hurt comes from the hands of others, our healing can come that way too. She shows that God ultimately administers our healing by using scriptural references, practical application, and life experiences. Apostle Stone learned that through the power and love of Christ Jesus, we could be freed from the bondage of hurt that may have us bound in our spirit, mind, emotions, or soul. She wrote He Heals the Hurt, so you won’t have to.

Apostle Sharon Stone is a prolific poet with the International Poet Society and Noble House of London. She currently works in the church as a teacher/preacher of the Word, a worship leader, a media minister, and a bearer of the cross. As a minister of God, she meets the needs of the people through intercessory prayer, pulling down the devil’s strongholds. In 1995 she began the journey of penning He Heals the Hurt until 1999. It wasn’t until the spring of 2009 that she picked it backed up again by the direction of the Holy Ghost and completed the work that she had begun years earlier.

Shell Cove: The Continuing Adventure of the Gang on Starfish Island

The Starfish Island Gang: Secrets of Shell Cove

Nothing is as it seems in the tranquil town of Shell Cove on beautiful Starfish Island. Guarded by powerful angelic forces, the island and its residents are the focus of demonic attacks. However, The Starfish Island Gang is fighting back. Each kid is armed with a special gift, and all are armed with faith in The God Who created everything and His Word. Andrew is the gang’s leader and is caught in a spiritual dilemma. Lee, his younger brother, hasn’t found exactly how he fits in the gang but is on the brink of discovering his unique gift. Michael wants to explore the island, while his little brother, Allen, has been entrusted with protecting the important treasures the gang will need in their quest.

Meanwhile, Paige and Sally are hot on the trail of clues that will help the gang solve the deeper mysteries of the island. Follow the Starfish Island Gang on their inspiring adventures. These adventures will take them to the amazing hidden basement under the library, to the depths of the island’s many caves, from spiritual strength to tests of faith. How will they react to the new kids who want to join the gang? Will the angels help them to discern the truth in the newcomers’ hearts … or will the forces of evil overtake them.

Brenda Mize Garza is inspired to portray The Word of God through storytelling that readers of all ages can relate to. Her love for Jesus spills over into each book she writes. Her characters and their adventures draw the reader into an unseen world. She seeks ways to offer others a tiny glimpse of the truths that typically remain unseen because most people choose to believe only in what they can perceive with their senses. She feels everyone must know The God Who created everything and His amazing and unconditional love for each of us. Brenda and her husband Jesse live in McRae, Arkansas, with Sugar Baby, their Pomeranian, and two new kittens, Tiger and Peanut.

The Starfish Island Gang: The Beginning

The Starfish Island Gang: The Beginning

There is an unseen world that surrounds all of us. It’s been here almost since the beginning of time. In this world, angels fight for you, and demons fight against you. The battle raging is for your very soul.

The orphanage children unknowingly entered this battle the day they moved into the old manor. William, Henrietta, Katherine, Markus, Abigail, and Mary Beth were in awe when the angels assigned to them just appeared. Kenneth and Raymond encountered demons in the forbidden basement. All is not what it seems in the manor house.

Pastor Finely and Jonathan Judge will unknowingly play a vital role in getting the children to their new location and the start of their mission from God.

Twelve families set sail with Captain Mize on his ship, the Lost Mermaid, to an unknown destination. The inhabitants of this new location are demons and the occasional pirates. The most ruthless pirate to ever laid foot on the island is Captain Samuel Slayer Johnson, a once-respected naval officer in the Queen’s Navy; then life happened.

Once they arrive on the island, Captain Mize agrees to help build their new village, but his motives are purely selfish. He has seen the markers of pirates, and he knows there are buried treasures.

The demons are preparing for the battle to end all battles. The angels are prepared and ready to assist the humans. Unfortunately, only the children are currently aware of these impending battles. However, they are clothed in the Armour of The Lord and armed with The Mighty Word of God.

Brenda Mize Garza’s love and faithfulness in God shine throughout each book she writes. She writes so engagingly that you find yourself in the middle of every adventure. Her stories are always rich in allegory, vivid storytelling, and wonderful characters. The one thing that always remains constant throughout each of her novels is her faith in God and her desire to share Him with everyone through storytelling.

Brenda lives with her husband Jesse in McRae, Arkansas, with Sugar Baby, their Pomeranian, and their new rescue kittens, Tiger and Peanut.

These books have a lot to offer in terms of interesting characters and an engaging plot.The author addresses difficult topics in a thoughtful and thought-provoking way. It’s a book that you’ll remember long after you’ve finished it.

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