A Chaplain’s Perspective on the 2020-2021 Pandemic: Tragedy, Resilience, Hope


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Greetings in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus the Christ. While this devotional will be read by thousands of people, it is from the personal experience of one Chaplain. Get ready to walk into a level one emergency department and experience the ministry of a Chaplain at the bedside. – Dr. Eric D. Holley

Rev. John Ruiz has written a fantastic book about the 2020- 2021 world pandemic. Take a journey with Rev. Ruiz by reading this book, and get for yourselves as firsthand the experiences of a chaplain who was at the bedside of patients who struggled with COVID, many of whom died without their loved ones or family members around them. Rev. Ruiz has shared story after story the start of the pandemic here in the United States and how his humble reflections evolved into this book. Several months into the pandemic, and as it raged on, death tolls increased by the day. He has shared the insights, emotions, challenges, frustrations, anxiety, fears, helplessness, and sadness from the perspective of a chaplain and relates to health care professionals, patients, their loved ones, families, and communities. Amidst all these, John has seen and expressed hopes and optimism about what America and Americans are best known for, the capacity to bounce right back and stronger. – Fr. Stephen Akange, Ph. D


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